Professional Services from the Creator of PHPUnit

Training (English)

  • Test Automation with PHPUnit

    Automated tests save costs in the short term and safeguard future changes and enhancements to the software.

  • Advanced PHPUnit

    Successful test automation in everyday project work with solutions even for particularly tricky problems.

  • Test-Driven Development

    Test-driven development (TDD) is a proven way of developing software in a targeted manner.

  • We test your software together

    Find answers to all questions about test automation by solving problems using examples from your own code base.

Schulungen (Deutsch)

Sebastian Bergmann


I can help your company with introducing PHPUnit, making better use of PHPUnit, improving development processes, and writing code that is easier to test. Email me and we can discuss your needs.

Of course, with, I also teach Test-Driven Development, Object-Oriented Programming, and many advanced topics. Come and have a look.


Your company is interested in hosting a PHPUnit Code Sprint? That is great news, let us talk.