Code Sprint for PHPUnit

September 6-7, 2019

Location bitExpert AG, Industriestraße 35, 68169 Mannheim, Germany

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Complex challenges require a team: @phpunit codesprint attendees deep-diving mock object code paths for performance. Thanks to @bitExpert for the excellent workspace 🥨
An awesome weekend spent hacking on @phpunit \o/ thanks @bitExpert and @shochdoerfer for organising! Thanks @s_bergmann for breaking master with my patches
Finally home from my first @phpunit #Codesprint. Great experience even though I did not code as much as I wanted. Good conversations with the core maintainers! #phpc
The @phpunit codesprint was really interesting and we fixed some many bugs. This was my first #codesprint in general and I am looking forward to the next one. Still have some todos left for the next days and weeks. It was a great event =)
Thank you @s_bergmann for your patience and trying to help and involve everybody. Your @phpunit code sprints are a perfect environment to learn, to get involved in an awesome community and last but surely not least to have fun. Can’t wait for the next one. #thanks
The @phpunit code sprints with @s_bergmann are always a pleasure - and a great opportunity to work on PHPUnit, learn and share something, and meet friends old and new! If you can, you should attend! 🤓